Childcare Policy


*Childcare should be provided as a universal right. It should be funded through a universally applied progressive taxation system.

* In the immediate term, parents should receive a state subsidy for childcare so they only pay a fraction of the cost and fees. As in Denmark parents should pay at most 30% of running costs but services should be free to many low-income families.

*Expand the learner Fund to provide support to allow childcare workers to professionalize to progress to FETAC levels 7 and 8. And increase pay levels for these workers.

*There needs to be an increase in the regulation of all child-minders and after school services

* Paid leave which includes maternity leave, should be structured in such a way that a parent is enabled to remain at home for at least a child’s first year.

*Paid paternity leave should be extended and balanced with maternity leave.

Read People Before Profit Childcare Policy here:

People Before Profit Childcare Policy

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