CCPI Report Yet Another Shocking Exposure Of Ireland’S Climate Failings


People Before Profit TD Bríd Smith has said that the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) 2019 shows in no uncertain terms that Ireland’s performance regarding Co2 emissions is “nothing short of a disgrace.”

She said:

“This report once again is another in a long line of reports that prove, in black and white, that Ireland and more specifically the Fine Gael government are an embarrassment on the international stage regarding emissions targets.

“Leo Varadkar has said that Ireland won’t reach our 2020 targets but says that we will reach the 2030 targets. This report totally contradicts the Taoiseach and says that we will not meet either our 2020 or 2030 targets under the Paris agreement.  

“What we must do is to invest massively in renewables, put a carbon tax on corporations and especially fossil fuel companies, a massive investment in retrofitting homes and public buildings and make public transport free. The Dáil must also pass the People Before Profit climate emergency bill without delay so that we can show to the world that as a country we are taking climate change seriously and we want to be leaders against rising global temperatures and species loss.”