Brexit: May Makes A Sharp Right Turn


Theresa May does not care about her colony in Northern Ireland. She ignores the fact that the vast majority do not want a hard border. Her only concern is to unite the Tory party and forge a strong alliance with the DUP

This is why she made another U turn and backed an amendment in the British House of Commons to remove the Irish backstop. Last week she was claiming that her original deal was ‘best on offer’ and the only possible one. This week she sang a different tune to appease the Tory fanatics on her far right – and the DUP dinosaurs.

With less than sixty days to go, a no deal Brexit is now a distinct possibility.

The Irish government’s strategy is to rely on the good word of the EU. But if May is duplicitous, so too can the EU. They say they will not change the original departure deal – but that will not stop them adding extra clauses to appease May.

The Irish government should respond to these events by making an open declaration that it will not tolerate a hard border in Ireland. It should state that it will not erect one on the Irish side and that it will back popular resistance to any border on the Northern side.,

That will require massive public pressure – or better still the removal of Fine Gael from office.