Alternative Budget 2018


This budget statement is designed to widen the debate about the available socioeconomic
choices. Budgetary decision making has always been framed within an
extremely narrow set of parameters, designed to protect the interests of the
existing elite. Over the last fve years, this process has been reinforced by the neoliberalism
of the so-called fiscal rules. Budgeting within a narrow framework, known
as the fiscal space, is now accepted by Sinn Fein and the Labour Party, as well as
Fianna Fail and Fine Gael. We disagree with this entirely.

From our perspective, the 'fiscal space' is an austerity straitjacket, which must be
broken out of. Our aim is to use the debate on Budget 2018 to highlight the real
possibilities that exist for those willing to reject the neo-liberal consensus. The
growing support for socialist policies is seen in the rise of Jeremy Corbyn in the UK,
Bernie Sanders in the USA, and many others, including Jean-Luc Melenchon in
France and Podemos in Spain. Like these forces, Solidarity-People Before Proft
ofer a radical left alternative to the extremism of the current establishment.

Fine Gael and their friends in the European People’s Party have driven mass
inequality and deprivation within the European Union (EU).1 Their backers in big
business have taken increasing levels of the social wealth, condemning many others
to live without even the basics. Meanwhile, they have ramped up the militarisation
of the EU and allowed thousands to drown feeing wars supported by the West.2
This is extremism perpetuated against working people, asylum seekers and the

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