After The Referendum- Fight For Choice, Equality And Change


Open Discussion

After the referendum

Fight for Choice, Equality and Change

Speakers: Brid Smith Td; Tara Flynn (comedian and author) Ivanka Antova (Belfast activist for abortion rights) Emma Hendrick Convenor, Dublin South West Repeal Group

Thursday May 31st 8pm

Gresham Hotel, Dublin

Organised by People Before Profit

The huge vote for Yes is a great victory. A grassroots movement came together to canvass doors across Ireland and hold conversations with friends and families. They changed minds and won hearts. To them belongs the credit for this victory.

But where do we go from here? Here are some issues to think about:

  • We want legislation implemented quickly so that women no longer have to travel. If a government can rush through legislation to bail out banks, they can move quickly on this.
  • We want delivery on commitment on sex education and free contraception. We need objective sex education that is not linked to the moral teaching of those who called us ‘baby killers’. The full range of contraceptive must be made freely available.
  • We need to sperate church and state. 95% of our primary schools are currently run by the Bishops. In many hospitals their ‘ethics committees’ dictate what operations can and cannot occur.
  • Personal freedom and equality go hand and hand. We have more bodily autonomy but if you cannot afford a home, your freedom is still limited.
  • So let’s extend our agenda to include a right to housing. We need proper rent controls; greater eligibility for social housing, affordable homes for those who want to buy.

There are many other issues which you think are important -so bring your ideas along.

Key activists who were active in Together for Yes will kick off a discussion.

Organised by People Before Profit.