500 More Homeless Children


The number of homeless children rose by 488 in February this year. Thats it a staggering 18 children a day.

There are now 3,755 homeless children out of a new total of 9,807 homeless.

Homelessness will pass 10,000 this month yet the government refuse to build public housing and continue to pander to vulture funds and developers. Focus Ireland has come to to say that the government are “failing to tackle the deepening crisis”.

However, the spin machine from Fine Gael are telling us constantly that we are in recovery. Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy has said that there may be “new reasons” families are becoming homeless. From the outset, their tactic is normalisation of the problem by trying to find credible reasons

All the more reason to protest at 1pm Parnell Sq Dublin on April 7th at the national protest for housing called by Fr Peter McVerry and dozens of other housing groups.